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Details for Educated Feet Dance Classes - Cross Step Waltz

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Sheila Phillips

A modern version of the popular slow Waltz, Cross-Step is easy to learn yet endlessly innovative, satisfying for both beginners and the most experienced dancers. It travels and rotates like traditional waltz but the addition of the cross-step opens up a wide range of playful yet gracefully flowing variations. Beginner level 6:30 pm, Intermediate, 7:30 pm. One hour instruction, 15 min overlap transition & assisted practical.

Certified instructor, Sheila Phillips of Educated Feet. All classes are open to teens & adults, no partner necessary! Educate your feet with beginning – intermediate level Instruction. PLEASE wear shoes kind to wood floors - clean soles & leave no black marks! Contact sheila@educatedfeet.net or 206-842-3012 Info: http://www.educatedfeet.net

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