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Details for Art Zombie Art Classes

Transaction Date/Time after 01/04/18 @ 9:30am.Transaction Date/Time after 01/04/18 @ 9:30am.

Ages 12-99. Art Zombie classes are developed with playful guidance from Melissa Dutton. beloved BISD art teacher of 16 years and zombie “ground zero”-the source of infection. When you embrace your inner Art Zombie you learn to love and invite the dark side of struggling along the creative journey with humor and coping strategies. Some key lessons from an Art Zombie: Art is messy, scary and ugly at times. An Art Zombie also teaches us persistence and to consume brains (learning) and to let negative assumptions about ourselves drop away. In each class, participants will be introduced to “The Art Zombie Creed”, basic art concepts of the class, then be gently guided to explore. The explorations become the material to create an original piece of artwork that can be taken home the day of class. Art Zombies also take home extra resources and ideas on how to continue exploring on their own. Get infected, become an Art Zombie and Maaaaaaake Arrrrrrrrrt!Dress for a mess.

additonal $10 material fee payable directly to the instructor at class.

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